My Destiny is in my own hands.

- Mary Burmeister

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Petra graduated from the university of Bremen with a Masters in sociology.  She started with 23 her practice in Vipassana meditation and her studies of contemporary philosophical astrology and became a professional astrologer in Germany and USA.

  • She finished a training in Hypnotherapy in Santa Cruz, Ca.,
  • Certification as "naturopath" in Berlin, Germany
  • Practitioner in her own Praxis in Freiburg
  • Training in "Family Constellation Work" of Bert Hellinger by Victoria Schnabel

Since 2002 is Petra authorized JSJ instructor of the "JSJ Institute of Mary Burmeister " in Scottsdale , Az.  She is teaching worldwide JSJ 5 day basic and expanded, special topics,and Selfhelp classes .

  • 2002 - 2013 student of Haruki Kato , Tokyo

Petra never stopped to inquire the mystery how body, mind and spirit work together. With the discovery of JSJ of Mary Burmeister , all her lives studies seem to fall into place. The Physio Philosophy of the Art united everything she was looking for:

It is the simplicity of applications for oneself and yet the depths of the understanding of the connection between spirit, mind and body that provides a powerful tool for restoring and improving harmony, happiness and health in one's life.The deep understanding of how consciousness and body are connected.

"My whole life's journey has been dedicated the quest of consciousnesses. the deeper studies and understanding of the mind and its influence on the body and our life's choices"

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