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- Mary Burmeister

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Jennifer HolmesJennifer has been studying the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu  for 18 yrs, with every year bringing new insights and discoveries.  She began a conscious spiritual journey in her twenties while travelling the world and working in Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain teaching children, and then adult language students  Meeting and studying with a spiritual teacher in Germany and then back in her country of New Zealand, Jennifer continued teaching, tutoring foreign students and rearing a family of five very active children.

In 1998 she attended her first 5 day class in Auckland and opened her JSJ practice, which she still continues.  In 2003 she travelled to Scottsdale where she met Mary Burmeister, beginning the following year as Organizer for classes in New Zealand.  In 2011 her journey as an Instructor for JSJ Inc began and she loves bringing the philosophy and practical help to many people worldwide.

She currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband John.

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