Norway 2018

2018 Tuitions & Fees




5-Day Basic Seminar - Deposit EUR 100
New Student
  Part 1   EUR 510
  Part 2   EUR 340



EUR 850

Review Student
  Part 1   EUR 335
  Part 2   EUR 220



EUR 555

  Daily Audit   EUR 145  
Living The Art Seminar (LTA) - Deposit EUR 50
  New Student   EUR 510
  Review Student   EUR 335
Special Topic Class (STC) - Deposit EUR 50
  **Qualified Students   EUR 150 per day
Expanded Special Topic Class (XSTC) - Deposit EUR 50
  **Qualified Students   EUR 170 per day
3-Day Mentoring Special Topic Class (MSTC) - Deposit EUR 200
  **Qualified Students   EUR 665  
Now Know Myself Seminar (NKM) - Deposit EUR 100
  New Student   EUR 895
  Review Student   EUR 765
Expanded 5-day Basic Seminar (5x3) - Deposit EUR 400
  **Qualified Students   EUR 1785  

**A definition of Qualified Students for the Special Topic Classes (STC, XSTC, MSTC) would depend on the class the instructor is teaching. Some instructors may use self-help material only. In that case, it is possible the public may be invited and no prerequisite is needed. Generally speaking the prerequisite for STC is attendance of at least one 5-day Basic Seminar. Some instructors request students have at least 3 or more 5-day Basic Seminars

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY:   Should a student need to cancel, a deposit is refundable until 30 days prior to the seminar.  Any additional tuition paid is fully refundable.  Should the instructor need to cancel, only those funds paid toward tuition/deposit are refundable. For 3-Day Mentoring special topic class and Expanded 5-day Basic Seminar, no refund shall be returned to the student if request is made less than 60 days prior to class. This is because these classes are limited in space and it is necessary to fill all of the available spots.


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