My Destiny is in my own hands.

- Mary Burmeister

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Instructor Bio - Harris, Ian (Webinar Replays Only)

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Ian Harris spent his early years playing and studying music and riding his bicycle for fun and work, and studying Tai Chi, Meditation, eastern philosophy and yoga – in pursuit of a deeper awareness of himself and the universe. In 1982 he was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu to receive sessions and soon thereafter attended his first seminar with Mary Burmeister. 

He found in Jin Shin Jyutsu the common thread which tied all these other interests together and helped shed light on the many puzzles of life. For more than 30 years he has been practicing this art and since 2000 has been teaching the Basic 5 day Seminar. 

Originally attracted by the simplicity of JSJ and by Mary’s joy and straightforward manner in her teaching, Ian aims to bring these qualities to his seminars. And so in class we can all relax and enjoy the unfolding of this Art.

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