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Mentoring Programming

The Student/Practitioner Mentoring Programs provide in-depth, practical study in a small group setting with an instructor. For either 3 or 5 days, up to 9 student/practitioners will gather with one faculty member, and participate each day in hands-on, discussion and other study activities.

Five Day Mentoring at the Scottsdale Office

Each participant receives two sessions daily. Individual instructors have different class pre-requisites (see below), however there is always a minimum of 2 years experience required. If you would like to sign up to an Instructor's Mentoring Program then please call the office (480) 998-9331 or email: You can also download an application online, click here.

Three Day Mentoring Special Topic Class

A new format, this class is a descendent of the 5 day mentoring class held in Scottsdale. Now, given in the students', or the instructors' hometown, it will provide an intimate (maximum of 9 students) setting with one instructor, exploring the depths, practical application, and simplicity of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Each student will receive sessions during the 3 day period. Requirements may differ with each instructor.

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