My Destiny is in my own hands.

- Mary Burmeister

Living The Art

Mary Burmeister said that in "the awareness of the moment (the breath), one's present state of being will become an Art of LIVING." The purpose of this seminar is to bring us into this awareness through a detailed exploration of Mary's three Self-Help Books and through practicing the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help. This seminar differs from the Self-Help Class in that the meanings of Mary's words and numbers in the books are presented at a deeper level, creating a bridge of information with Texts 1 and 2 from the 5-Day Basic Seminar. With this background, students are better prepared to study, practice and perhaps teach Self-Help. Time is allotted for discussion and refinement of communication skills on selected Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help topics.

This seminar involves exploring Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help in depth with Mary Burmeister's three Self-Help Books, revealing all that Mary has included in these extraordinary books, and becoming more familiar with their contents. This class can deepen one's understanding and daily practice of the self-help materials. A third objective is to improve our ability to share clearly, simply and safely the Physio-Philosophy and the Self-Help practice with others (family, friends, clients, groups), privately, in a lecture or Self-Help class.

All Jin Shin Jyutsu students are encouraged to attend this class. Those wishing to be listed as an authorized Self-Help Instructor on our Practitioner Locator are required to attend this class at least once.

Prerequisite: Completion of the three 5-Day Basic Seminars. Upon completion of your third 5-Day Basic Seminar and your Living the Art Seminar, you will receive your Living the Art certificate of attendance.

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Living The Art (In German)- SEEON, GERMANY

Instructor: Mona Harris

October 05, 2018 (Friday) - October 07, 2018 (Sunday)


Organized by Mona Harris
Phone: (011) +49(0)-8667-80-99-14
Eichenweg 4, 83370, Seeon, Germany

The Living the Art Seminar (In German)- SEEON, GERMANY

Instructor: Mona Harris

March 02, 2019 (Saturday) - March 04, 2019 (Monday)


Organized by Mona Harris
Phone: 0049/8667 809914
Eichenweg 4, 83370, Seeon, Germany

Living The Art - Long Beach

Instructor: Sara Harper

July 12, 2019 (Friday) - July 14, 2019 (Sunday)


Organizer Name:Susan M. Galvao
Phone / Fax:1-562-896-8165 Fax1-:562-342-9326
Address:6237 Riviera Circle L.B., CA 90815
Co-Organizer Name: Shelley Piser
Co-Organizer Phone / Fax:1-818-324-5382

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Early Bird Rate Notice: In order to get the EB rate you MUST pay in full 60 days before the start of the class if only making a deposit.


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