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In September 2019 Susie Plettner presented a comprehensive talk on:
"Jin Shin Jyutsu Self -Care for Enhanced Immune function"
View the video on YouTube

Handout accompanying talk

A conversation with Waltraud Riegger-Krause, author of the bestselling book-and-card-set
"Health Is in Your Hands: Jin Shin Jyutsu – Practicing the Art of Self-Healing"  View the video on YouTube

Michael Wenninger' s talk from the Austrian Symposium on Jin Shin Jyutsu View the video on YouTube 


Adele Leas on Dr. Randy's Radio: Glaucoma for Dogs 


Most versions are in PDF format. You will be able to read them using Adobe Reader.

JSJ article by Lynda Silk in New England's Spirit Of Change Holistic Health Magazine

Self-help Article in Journal of Holistic Nursing done at MMC

Jin Shin Jyutsu for Resilience 

Diversity Project Summary 

Diversity Brochure

Art of Gentle Touch - Natural Positive Self Help for People with Cancer (1 MB) UPDATED!

OTHER LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Dutch | GermanPortuguese | Spanish 

Publisher's page-Courtesy of Arizona Foothills Magazine (<1 MB)

The Healing Touch-Courtesy of Arizona Foothills Magazine (<1 MB)

JSJPacificSunApril2017 (1).pdf (<1 MB)

Nashville Psychotherapy Institute "Reflects" - Summer 2012 (3 MB)
(See page 2 for Sarah Anderson's article "Care of the Self Through Hands-on Healing")

David Burmeister's speech on Jiro Murai for the 100 Years of Jin Shin Jyutsu Celebrations (<1 MB)

An article on JSJ in The Sun newspaper in Malaysia

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